How To Avoid Animal Attacks And Vehicle Roll-Overs In Desolate Places

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How To Avoid Animal Attacks And Vehicle Roll-Overs In Desolate Places

26 June 2017
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Despite the ever-advancing urbanization of land in America, there are still plenty of barren and desolate places to roam. If you have a vehicle that can take a road less traveled or go off-roading, you may encounter some fierce wild animals, or possibly roll your vehicle because you did not see the boulder ahead. You can avoid misadventures while forging your own path through these still-wild areas with the help of a few good accessories.

Nothing Scares Wild Animals Like Light'

If you do not feel like smacking into a buffalo or deer in the dark, nor being attacked by a bear or mountain lion, use a lot of light. Nothing chases off a wild animal or vicious predator like lights (except for loud sounds). That said, get yourself an off road LED light bar, which will shine so much bright light on the path ahead that nothing will want to cross or attack you.

Cow Catcher for the Front of Your Vehicle

A "cow catcher" is a vented, oversized fender that ranchers use to gently push cattle out of the way when driving through the fields. Modified cow catchers are used on the front ends of trains to push herds of wild deer, buffalo, etc., off of train tracks. You are very likely to run into similar issues with wild deer, mountain goats, etc.. In that case, an automotive cow catcher is the perfect accessory for avoiding damage to the front end of your vehicle caused by these animals.

Lots of Padding for Your Roll Bar

If you have a vehicle that has off-road capabilities, then it probably has a roll bar too. Wearing your seat belt is always important, but if you accidentally veer away from a large boulder in the road and flip your vehicle, you are going to be very glad you padded your roll bar. In fact, you should pad it up as much as you can, so if you do hit a body part on it, it will not hurt quite so much.

Anti-Slip Regulation System

Most vehicles now have an anti-lock breaking system, but if you want to use a vehicle for off-roading, climbing mountains, or traveling on back roads, you need an anti-slip regulation system. This system can be installed after purchase. It keeps the tires of your vehicle from slipping, skidding and getting stuck in things like wet mud and snow. It improves on the anti-lock breaking system too, so that there is less chance for your vehicle to slip around and roll over.