Keeping Your Semi Truck Ready For The Road With Proper Maintenance

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Keeping Your Semi Truck Ready For The Road With Proper Maintenance

1 August 2019
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Just like a car or pickup truck, a semi-truck needs proper maintenance to keep it on the road and working properly. Semi-trucks need to be in the best condition possible so they can haul the weight that they need to and are dependable for the long-distance hauls they need to make. Here's what to look for to determine if it needs semi truck repair services:

Regular Inspections

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your semi is safe and ready to work is to inspect your truck before every trip. A visual inspection of the truck and the running gear can alert you to a problem before it causes the truck to break down. A part that fails can cause damage to other parts of the truck so catching the problem early is a good way to keep repair costs low and avoid downtime with the truck. 

Check the Tires

Check the tires on your truck regularly. If you head out on the road and have a blowout, changing the tire is not as easy as it is on a car. Most trucks don't have the tools to change a tire on the side of the highway so have to have a tire repair service come to them or have the truck towed in for both situations, the downtime can be substantial, causing costly delays and potentially late deliveries. 

Check the Brakes 

Every time you are getting ready to head out on a run, check the brakes and make sure they are working properly. If something is not working right in the brake system. the truck needs to go into the shop for repair. Something as simple as a small air leak could cause a breakdown out on the road and if the truck must be towed in for service, the cost can be very high. 

Drivers should know how to check the slack adjusters and airlines on the brakes, and should check the system before every trip. There are federal Department of Transportation guidelines requiring pre-trip inspections and while they may seem time-consuming, the inspection is intended to keep the driver and others on the road safe. 

Full Truck Service

Scheduling time between trips is the best way to keep up with service on your truck. The tech will change the oil, check all the systems and change the air filters for you if they are dirty. During service visits, the technician may find early signs of problems so talk to them about the inspection and see if they have any concerns or suggestion for you.